Blue Crab and Chipotle Bisque

Exotic ingredients to die for!

The Domestic Man

Gluten-Free, Paleo, Perfect Health Diet

NFL team loyalty is a crazy thing. Growing up in Washington state, we were diehard Seahawks fans; after all, who else can you root for all the way up in the Pacific Northwest? Moving away and living in Hawaii for seven years really messed me up, since football games come on so early – over the years, the whole sport dropped off my radar. That all changed six years ago when our family moved to Baltimore, the proud home of the Ravens, and I was immediately drawn to this tough, talented, and admittedly dirty team. Today, I’m torn between who to support – Seattle or Baltimore – but luckily they rarely play each other so it isn’t that big of a deal.

It’s been hard for me to follow games closely after canceling our TV service a couple years ago, but since our family is moving once again this fall…

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Sea Blue

Waves crashed into the shore at sunset.

The sun cast shadows of pink, orange and yellow upon the sea blue water, causing a rainbow to appear.

Dazzling by eyes when I tried to shade them to see the actual sunset.

When the color left my life

Jane had just returned from her hair appointment, hoping that Tony hadn’t left for his late shift at work. He had!  Great!  She recalled her last conversation with him where he told her she needed to:  “Spruce up!  Be more pretty!  And your personality?  You need to lighten up!  Be fun! No one wants a wife who is a bitch!” Slowly, she walked up the stairway of their 2 story bi-level.  Entering the newly painted bedroom, she stopped short. His closet was blank.  Empty space hung in the air, where his clothes used to hang. Barren…the room had become as barren as Jane’s soul.

Hitting the Road

I am hitting the road soon for a travel back in time to my long mis-spent youth.

I have studied old photos of myself back in the day, readying myself for my reunion and a lot of those photos bring back so many memories to me.

Memories of the song of freedom, of travel, of learning.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend at the last reunion and I are no longer together.  Even so, I have met a better man and he is up for the occasion.


Played at weddings constantly:  the YMCA, the electric slide, songs that lead to the conga line…

Strobe lights flashing on the dance floor, leading me up out of my chair to dance on the wooden raised dance floor.

You know what they say, don’t you?  Le plus que le change….

Any wedding in life could probably be dated to the decade.  I doubt it could be dated to the exact year.  Songs change but not that much.  Dances change but a lot of them are still considered “wedding songs”.   Give or take a decade or two.