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Apres Easter

Menu?  turkey, grey mashed potatoes (what is this?), big fluffy rolls and butter, asparagus with garlic and lemon and tomatoes (baked), stuffing, served with a side of dead silence and nasty thoughts.

Appetizers?  Yes!  Deviled eggs, summer salami, water crackers, smoked cheese and Vermont cheddar.

Dessert was pink cake with peeps and peanut butter chocolate cupcakes.

Now the house seems empty.


Soup for March

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and I am thinking about potatoes.

Potato soup:

six cups of cut up, cubed potatoes

1/2 cup of chopped onion

32 oz of chicken broth and one cup water

put on low for 6 hours on crockpot


one bag of cheddar

3 tablespoons of flour

bacon bits and whole pepper……..


Winter TV

During the winter season, my shows consist of:

Sunday – Downton Abbey.  Unfortunately, the finale was on this past Sunday and I will have to replace it.  I am thinking Once Upon A Time on Sunday ABC at 8.  Downton continues next winter.

Monday – Monday is devoted to The Bachelor and that finale is coming up next week so I will watch Dancing with the Stars and then replace that with The Bachelorette.

Tuesday is my night for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  A more intelligent, politically correct show than Real Housewives of New Jersey, which in comparison, is filled with sort of trashy neveau riche types, low class, not that bright.

Wednesday night is the night for Survivor – white collar, blue collar and creative.  I think this season looks good.

Thursday is choir – no TV.

Friday is Amazing Race.  I still don’t have favorites this season, as usual.  No one seems to stand out for me except perhaps (and perhaps is used lightly), Truck Stop Love has possibilities.

Saturday….book night.

Thoughts on Atlantic City

What does one think of when one thinks of that aging Queen of the Seas, Atlantic City?

Beaches?  White beaches maybe … piers jutting out into the ocean, perhaps?

Or..a big white ship that now presently incarnates as a “designer” mall…

And casinos!  Of course, casinos!

Those bastions of elegance, chandeliers twinkling in the lobby, bell hops lounging about, red carpets, the noise of the slot machines beeping …

Farmer’s Market

Those unusual items that can be found at a Farmer’s Market whilst ambling about in the sun, hot and blazing down ….

Pickles, olives of all sorts. Who knew there were ham olives, garlic stuffed olives, bright green, neon green, kalamata…black and shiny.

Pickles of all sorts, dill, sour, sweet, bread and butter. Slices, dimed slices, long spears, held in buckets of brine.

Crafters hawking home-made candles made of soy or real bees wax.