Public Bathroom

Jana ran into the office lunchroom.  Hot on her heels was Martha, out of breath from her jog up the building’s stairway.  They had just returned to the office from a lunchtime spent at the deli/supermarket/country store type place that sold everything from scented candles to deli meats to hot sandwiches…..and also hosted a small cafe type place in the front of the store where one could sit and eat and drink tea or coffee.

The space itself was country wood…..wooden floors, wooden walls complete with wooden shelves laden with candles, handmade dolls, bottles of homemade wines with labels not found any where in commercial supermarkets………

Jana loved to spend her lunch time hours here and Martha wanted to see the space, insisting that she never could find it on her own.

The only convenience this store was missing was a public bathroom….hence, the wild dash up the stairs to the office.


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