A Landscaped Dump

Despite the lush landscaping done for free by the student volunteers from the local church, the “tin can” trailer (and it WAS an aluminum tin can look), sat unadorned, looking lost and abandoned ……….

I was told Dorothy, the owner, was at home and would be willing to speak with me regarding my project.  My latest project concerned speaking with former nuns or priests who were involved in liberal folk projects in Central America during the early 1980’s.  I needed to sort of “get a handle” on what motivated them to go into backwater Third World countries and try to help educate various locals in farming methods, educate them in child care and basic health care needs.

I know that this had become a “cause celebre” when some of the religious folk were later murdered, their faces splashed across the evening news…..causing outrage amongst liberal circles, pundits and wanna be rock stars.

Anyway, looking at Dorothy’s tin can, I wondered if Dorothy would end up being like her home, a dull can set amidst lavish trappings…….


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