Ah, My Darling!

It was a grey sort of day out on Lake Lucerne but “Madame” still wanted to take lunch on the deck overlooking the lake……I brought her what she requested….a burger.  Just a burger, alone, by itself.  Nothing surrounding it.

I placed the burger by her and she ignored me, continuing to stare out at the lake’s surface where the wind was blowing pretty steadily.  It threatened rain and I was a bit concerned about her continuing to sit outdoors like this, staring so weirdly at the lake.

No idea what she was waiting for or even thinking about at this point.

“Ah, my darling!” she sighed.  “Thank you.”

“Madame?”, I worried, “Can I bring you a small glass of vino, or a water?  Are you cold?  The breeze seems to be picking up and there is a threat of rain in the air.”

Madame sighed softly.  “Thank you, Charles, but I need the air today.  My blues have descended again.”


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