First Communion, The Menu

The wonderous menu at the apres First Communion party:

appetizers:  chips and onion dip, crackers and cheese, triscuits and crab dip……the presentation was pretty…she uses the unusual, sort of vintage dishes to present the food in.  

(Note:  crystal candles throughout the room) and in one corner was a cage entwined with ivy with a “lit” candle inside.

The feast:  sandwiches (made by sister in law)….chicken with pepper and mozzerella, turkey with cole slaw, ham (?), and beef off to the side (I avoided these)…..

Ziti, a dish of pastrami and sauerkraut with a cheese sauce (actually quite good) (this went fast), a big huge bowl of potato salad (no eggs in it) (homemade), a “Parsian” green salad which was mixed greens, cranberries, feta and walnuts?……

Drinks:  wines, wines, wines (including an unopened bottle of champagne Pinot Grigio), beer and then on the table were 3 glass vintage type containers with spouts……one was red punch, one was ice tea (lemon and lime to the side), and then one was water with cucumbers floating on top (I tried this and it tasted of cucumber)…it wasn’t bad but kind of “different” (let’s put it that way)…..

Desserts – homemade cookies and chocolates shaped like crosses and Bibles…..also a big huge ice cream cake from Denville Dairy (delish but not not cheap)…….



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