Eagle Ridge

It’s been 30 years or so since I’ve been to Eagle Ridge and most of it looks the same ……a gated community before it became fashionable to be a gated community.

There is a guard house before you enter into the grounds and (I don’t recall this)…a wooden arm board comes down, blocking the entrance way……only resident’s with swipe cards can enter after hours.   Also, I noted a hill going up to the condos, off to the left (this is a blur to me indeed).

The condos themselves are constructed in a Spanish mission style and that I had also forgotten as well

I had only visited there a few times but I recall each condo being spacious…you almost felt as if you were in a house and also there was a pool house “down the way”……so even in the dead of winter, one could swim, an almost unheard of luxury 30 years ago!

Even so, my friend who lived there is dead and so Eagle Ridge is but a ghost to me………


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