Bitter Herbs

Litany of complaints regarding my “posh” dinner at the fundraiser last evening:

First of all, my “soupe” (was it soup or soupe or was it a sauce?  There may be some question as to exactly WHAT it was), was cold.  Not even a hint of warmth to the burnt orange liquid filling up the bowl.  It was labeled as a “bisque”…a sort of seafood bisque, creamy with milk…….and spiced ….with a ball of fried crab cake smack dab in the center of the bowl.


On to the bitter herb salad or salade as it was labeled on the menu.  An argula salade tossed with feta (one piece was seen), dried cranberries and doused in a vinaigrette.  A picture of this salade was later seen as a sodden mess, a clump of dark green sort of fused together on a plate.  Appetizing?  Non!  Although seen not through the photo lens, each individual green leaf was asymmetrical, looking almost like dandylion leaves……..



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