Monthly Deposit

The food at the wedding was different……….the salad greens tasted bitter to my palette…..arugula with port marinated cranberries, candied pecans, one chunk of feta cheese that almost looked like chicken to me……doused with a cranberry vinaigrette sauce.  After being accosted by one of the wedding guests with an endless roar in my ear about his work schedule that week, my head was spinning and my stomach was churning and all thoughts of hunger had dissipated.

I ordered the roasted vegetable tart for my entrée…….fresh asparagus outlining the tart with a sun dried tomato and horseradish vinaigrette swirling at the sides of the tart.

The tart itself was composed of different types of squash…..chunks of steamed squash topped with fresh mozzarella and dotted with red sun dried tomatoes (which honestly looked like sweet red pepper dots to my eye)…….  I broke the tart up and looked at the yellow and green squash which sort of arrayed itself about my plate……looking lost as I felt.

The monthly deposit of my paycheck had gone to pay for this wedding for my daughter, who was marrying her boss.


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