I often eat at the Stardust Diner, mainly because of its name……I like to feel that I’ve travelled back in time to the 1950’s when space travel was a dream for most Americans…..and the race to the moon only a glimmer ……

The Stardust is a “streamlined” version of a silver trailer and inside the floor is red and white tile (of course).  There is a counter with little stools in front of it …you know, the kind that swivel back and forth.  The kind you sit on and twirl around and around on……the kind of stool that annoyed parents when their kids twirled so much that they got dizzy and almost fell off of it.

Stardust is not something we think of in today’s RUSH RUSH world at all.  It echoes back to a time in America when we had long sunny afternoons to day dream in, a time when we played outdoors in fields of wild daisies…..a time of sun kissed fields of long dry grasses…….

Stardust does that to me……


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