Nail salons or nail spas?

I am searching for the perfect nail salon.  Since ALL of them seem to cost $12 for a manicure……why are all nail salons so inequal in décor, in service and in just a certain…….je ne sais quoi.


Nails 4 U… town, luxury seats for pedis, updated décor….pictures of rocks, the word peace written in script on the walls, back rubs when mani or pedi is done…..however, forget it if they have more than 3 people in the waiting area.  They have been known to forget customers who are sitting and waiting.

Nails For You….in a strip mall on Route 10.  Dated décor, light blue walls, pictures on the walls that are cheap looking and look like they came from someone’s dusty attic.  The service was ok.  My nails look nice but why did the operator put lotion on my hands and then tell me to wash my hands?  She also told me I needed my eyebrows done.  I didn’t like the looks of her eyebrows so I ignored her.

Village Nails in Shop Rite Plaza is close and ok as well.  Just I keep getting my least favorite manicurist who never gives me a backrub. 

Morris Plains Nails is very small and I end up getting all kinds of things I never intended to get like callus remover service, scrapings, etc.  Pretty color selection of nail polish though!


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