Fallen Angels By Noel Coward

Saw the above play last Friday evening.

Written in 1927 by Coward….a clever tale of misplaced amore…….sort of a farce on married life for two female friends who get together one weekend whilst their hubbies are off on a golfing adventure.  A former love of the two women (a sexy Frenchman) promises to call and the “fallen angels” are looking forward to fanning the flames with this ex-love of theirs (yes, mutual).

Of course, the Frenchman does not call till the next day, long after their plans have gone awry.  After both ladies have gotten tres drunk, had a tiff, one flounced off into the wee hours of the morning and then her hubby shows up in a huff himself (men also having had a fight), looking for his wife.

To make a long story short, it’s a comedy of errors, of lies, of misunderstandings and just all round fun.

Politically incorrect in today’s world but nonetheless a good time.

Also the sets and costumes are really art deco, well done, worth seeing …..


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