Rolling on the river…the Delaware River from Milford, PA

Kayaking yesterday with my hiking group.  This was a beginning kayaking trip down the gentle part of the Delaware River….however, due to recent downpours, the beginning of our trip was not gentle.  The river was very high, very fast moving and you needed to be on your game at all times.  The current was very strong. 

We broke for lunch at a beach…up the hill was a pavilion with picnic tables and bathroom facilities.  We left our kayaks on the grass and then a group of Boy Scouts on a canoe trip arrived so we were all packed in at the pavilions for lunch.

After lunch, the river calmed down quite a bit and was a wide, lazy river…..we could relax, kick back and hardly paddle at all.

This trip because of the swift current (in places) is a very fast 12 miles.  You arrive much sooner than you expect to.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the beginning and the place itself is a camping spot with lots of trailer campsites about.  The end of the kayak trip is a concrete beach/landing right after the Dingman Ferry Bridge.  The young people who work for the kayak company then move the kayaks/canoes quickly on to the trailers and then a van takes us back to the beginning where our cars are located.


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