Hike to Claudius Smith den – Harriman South

Hot, humid and 90 degrees and my hiking group went on a picnic hike……..Tuxedo, New York was the place to go and we started out with sounds of the New York Thruway in our ears.  As we ascended the rocky path, eventually these sounds disappeared and were replaced by the calming sounds of birds chirping and leaves blowing in the breeze.  Very green and leafy the forest was….as we made our way on the red trail.  There was a scenic overlook at one point with a view of Tuxedo and it’s distinctive architecture (train station).  Other than that, not much in the way of scenery till we got to the cave/den where the Tory outlaw, Claudius Smith, hid out, robbing and plundering his way through life till he was hung from the gallows on January 22, 1779.

Most of the hike was through tall leafy trees….making it somewhat cooler than the day would have been otherwise.  We also passed through a swampy type meandering brook before we made our way up the mountain to feast on our picnic lunch.

We had a variety of food….amazing how we all bring different foods to eat.  We had whole wheat pasta with veggies, pasta salad, coleslaw and nuts, hummus, wheat pita slices, green salad and veggies, bruschetta, cold chicken, deviled eggs, and fruit salad which was very refreshing on such a hot, humid day.

After lunch, we viewed the den/cave which was very imposing looking and our leader told us stories about how he and a group of rappelers went down this site.  I would have died of a heart attack!!

We retraced our path on the way out….once again, hearing the highway after a bit, telling us we were almost done with our day of hiking.


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